Change is Inevitable. But TRANSFORMATION is a Choice!!

I help people accelerate their ability to "burn body fat for fuel" independent of diet & exercise.

I also help entrepreneurs of ANY background, build a massive additional income stream with a powerful secret weapon that skyrockets the results of clients, family & friends.

Meet Nita


Nita is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a Registered Nurse, a previous Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserve Nurse Corps, a business owner and a PROMOTER of one of the most amazing products in the world – Keto OS NAT – Exogenous KETONES!!

Nita Kasan is inviting you to a 20 MINUTE INFORMATIONAL PRESENTATION via Zoom.


Learn “Why NASA Astronauts, Navy Seals & Athletes Drink Ketones” and how YOU can vastly improve YOUR health and energy.

Health & Wealth

Your health is your wealth but who ever said “no” to some extra money? Grab my tips and solutions to an easier journey to the HEALTH you dream of and in the process of sharing with others, create WEALTH so that you can 

enjoy your health!

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What does "BETTER" look like?

The question isn't "What do Ketones do?" but rather "What DON'T they do"?

Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211

Nita Jean Kasan, RN, MS

President / CEO

Innovative Excellence, LLC

Prüvit Promoter / Brand Ambassador

Tel: (239) 537 9618

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