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The 10 Day Challenge Pack is currently available within the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


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Ketones, Body Composition & Weight Loss

According to Dr. Andi Campitelli, one of the Health Specialists with Prüvit, “Keto OS is NOT a weight loss supplement.  The reason that we see weight loss results when drinking Keto OS, is due to the benefits that those Ketones have on the hormones internally - specifically, our insulin levels.  Ketones have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and balance out our blood sugar levels.  They have also been shown to impact our hunger and satiety hormones, leptin and ghrelin – meaning it has an impact on when we feel full and when we feel hungry, therefore it helps to manage those food cravings.  When you put all of those things together, the secondary benefit naturally is weight loss”.  The results though, can vary for everybody – depending on a multiple of factors.

Happy Family

Imagine waking up refreshed and making the most of your morning by optimizing your mood and energy with just a few simple steps.


Your day becomes more productive. Things start going your way.  You become excited about each new day. You are sailing through the holiday season, no longer feeling guilty about poor food choices- because you aren't making any.


You are caring for your body, and it shows!  Hunger and cravings no longer imprison you. You are just free to be you!


You find yourself amazed at how simple it is to make excellent choices that result in noticeable changes.  And not merely in your clothes - but changes in your outlook, mood, and energy.  Are you dreaming? 


No - you are feeling FUELED and fabulous.  Stop feeling frustrated and even ashamed about past failures. You will soon be understanding the secrets behind accelerated fat loss and weight loss and a sharper mind at any age. And the benefits won't stop there!


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