My name is Nita Kasan and I help people BURN FAT for fuel independent of diet and exercise.  Through a simple drink, there is now the ability to put your body into KETOSIS 
(in less than an hour), without being on a Ketogenic Diet.

Accelerated FAT LOSS
Decreased Appetite / Decreased Cravings
Increased Focus, Clarity, and Awareness
Fast and Sustained Energy
Reduced Brain Fog
Better Sleep / Better Mood / Better Digestion
Increased Strength & Muscle Preservation
And so much MORE!! 
The Department of Defense and NASA invested millions in an Energy Source for U.S. Special Forces, Astronauts, and Athletes to make them better, faster and stronger. Scientists were able to utilize this research to create a HEALTH TECHNOLOGY that is proven to help supercharge the human body. This technology was far too superior and expensive for the rest of us, UNTIL NOW!

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I became passionate about KETONES when I personally experienced the Fat Loss, Anti-Aging, Energy, & Sleep benefits myself. And the impact on my friends and family has only solidified my belief in 
the power of fueling your body with KETONE energy.
This KETONE product is...
All natural (naturally fermented)
Bio-Identical (to the Ketones that your body produces)
Vegan / Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Caffeinated or Non-Caffeinated
Based on a patented technology (backed by 9 separate patents)

Nita Jean Kasan, RN, MS
PRUVIT Partner / Brand Ambassador